K-Patents is industry standard for reliable concentration massurement under hardest conditions


Das neue PR-33AC

  • highest qualitiy process refractometers
  • fully temperature compensated
  • useable under high pressure
  • various pissibilities for process connections
  • automatic cleaning
  • 4..20mA or digital data output
  • Model PR03 with sanitary certificate
  • Model PR23 for economical applications with digital data transfer
  • Model PR33 with web interface
  • Model PR43 with processorbased web interface
lc Model Overview of K-Patents Refractometers
lc Possibilities for Process Interfaces




  Refractometer with web interface


PR33AC Brochure

Sanitary Refractometer

alt PR23A Brochure
  Refractometer for general liquids alt PR23GP Brochure

Refractometer for chemically agaressive liquids

alt PR23M/W Brochure