NIR Spectroscopy / NIR Consulting

FT-IR/NIR Systems

POM-OnlineLarge spectrometer systems in steel enclosures are used for industrial facilities. Controlled by an industrial PC or PLC, whereby the system is automatically cleaned and re-checked. Models permit prediction of several parameters or components of a product from just one spectrum reading.

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NIR Spektroscopy Systems

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AOTF-NIR Systems

Brimrose NIRDue to modern electronics the extremely fast working AOTFs can be built compact and handy enough to be arried around. Optical multiplexers in online systems allow measurements of several product streams with the system being connected to the various processes through light fibers.

AOTF Sytems


NIR – Diode Array Spectrometer

DiodearrayDiode array systems are solid state spectrometers with an InGaAs line of 256 or 512 pixels. Ideally suited for industrial applications as there are no moving parts. By changing the doping of the detector material the wavelength range can be selected between 800 and 2600 nm, TE cooling greatly improves ignal to noise ratio.

NIR - Miniature Spectrometers

NIRThey are used in applications where rapidly and economically information about the composition or properties of a product are needed. This might e.g. be the monitoring of a chemical reaction during a polymerisation process or the rapid identification of a product. The resolution of the system is 256 pixels distributed over the 1000 to 1700 nm or 1000 to 2200 nm range.
NIR Miniature Spectrometers