Columns for GPC/SEC

On first glance requirements on GPC/SEC columns do not seem very high. They separate particles based only on steric properties. However modern columns are required not only to offer best physico-chemical properties but also best biochemical compatibility for protein analysis through use of Titanium steel for hardware and frits. 

Bild GPC Säulen

Type Application Eluent type Size

Cellulose derivatives, dextranes, Heparin, Xanthan

Pressure range: 40 - 80bar

aqueous 300x8mm
PureGPC-PROT protein separation

Proteines, globulines, IgG, BSA, insulin, peptides

Pressure range: up to 300bar

aqueous, PBS 300x8mm

polystyrene, PMMA, Polylactide

Pressure range: 40 - 80bar

THF, Toluene, CHCl3, CH2Cl2 300x8mm
PureGPC-MPOL medium polar

PU, various resins

Pressure range: 40 - 80bar

DMF, DMAc, NMP, DMSO; with LiBr 300x8mm
PureGPC-HFIP polare organ. solvents

Polyester, polylactide, polyamides

Pressure range: 40 - 150bar

HFIP 300x8mm