Three good reasons why to choose Brookhaven:

3_reasons_for_bic_11) The Quality of the Instrument

DLS by light scattering is an optical method. Brookhaven reaches highest accuracy and precision because of the professional design of the optical unit. Not only the instrument itself is placed onto shock absorbers but also the optical platform itself is protected against vibrations. This sturdy separate platform holds all the optical components like source, filters, shutters, mirrors, detector, etc.
Thus lowest signal noise in the measurement results guarantees optimum and accurate model interpretation possible – even under difficult conditions.





2) Highest Performance

Starting off with the powerful and electronically stabilized laser of 35mW / 659nm to give performance better than traditional HeNe lasers. This is essential for best performance in the very low 1nm range. As generally known, in this range scattered light intensity decreases with the sixth power of the reduction in diameter. Best results are reached by combination of this laser power with an APD (avalanche photo diode, graphics taken from Hamamatsu). Generally used APD types show their maximum sensitivity in the red spectral range where they are about ten times more efficient than PMTs. 50mW green lasers that are sometimes offered thus have less spectral efficiency. In addition it was found that life time of green solid state lasers is limited causing more frequent failures. So best combination is 35mW red laser with APD detection.


3) Best Correlator

The Brookhaven TurboCorr is the best digital correlator available. Its technical details speak for themselves: 510 physical channels (measured, not mathematically interpolated), starting at 100nsec sampling time up to 40ms, 12 optional high speed channels are available starting at 25nsec useable for cross correlation; Delay Times up to 1,310 Seconds;
Dynamic range over 10 decades; maximum count rate: 4x107 per seconds. Also used as photon counter. Channel spacing user defined: linear, constant ratio, individual and pre selected measurement points recalled from stored files. User defined modes for use: automatic or manual, definable macro commands with unlimited number of sequences;
Data communication and power supply via USB-connection;