Brookhaven Particle Sizing



BIC 90PlusThe 90Plus is a laboratory system for the determination of particle size in diluted suspensions using dynamic light scattering. Signals from two angles 90 or 15 degrees are accessible. The 90Plus covers asize range from about 1 nm to above 5 µm, depending on the physical prooperties of the sample material. A PC computer is integrated into the system.

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BIC FoqelsThe Foqels is a small table top instrument with similar functions as the 90Plus, but uses back scattering with a fiber coupled probe as sample interface. It is connected via USB port onto an external PC, which is required. As the Foqels offers an external sampling point, it can be used to monitor particle size directly in a reaction vessel.

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The NanoDLS is well suited for the determination of hydrodynamical radii in many different colloidal biological samples and preparations. The NanoDLS works based on the principal of non invasive dynamic scattering requiring only minimal sample quanitities. The patented flow cell permits measuring particle size over avery large concentration range.



BioDLS Micro Plate Particle Sizer

BioDLS finally brings nano particle sizing and molecular weight analysis by dynamic laser light scattering to routine analysis within modern life sciences. Up to 768 samples of small volume (3 µL that can be recovered) are measured with high precision and accuracy automatically within one run.

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ACOSkomplettes System zur Verfolgung des Partikelwachstums über einen weiten Bereich absoluter Größe im geschlossenen Kreislauf. Ansteuerung erfolgt über einen PC. Eine Probe wird aus dem Reaktionstank abgepumpt, Störpartikel abfiltriert, im Durchfluss gemessen und wieder rückgeführt.

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BI-DCP Light Detection Centrifuge

BI-DCPThe BI-DCP is a centrifugal particle size analyzer that uses monochrome light to detect the sedimentation of particles. Advantage of a centrifuge over other types of particle analyzers is the fact that absolute measurements (according to Stokes' law) are performed and no assumptions in the interpretation of measurement values have to be made, that would introduce uncertainties. Resolution of neighbouring particle sizes with about 20 % difference in size is excellent.

BI-XDC Xray Centrifuge

BI-XDCDie BI-XDC uses sedimentation detection through a low energy X-ray beam and is designed to measure particle size of anorganic sample materials. It offers two important advantages due to the extremely short wavelength of the X-ray signal it is not scattered but only absorbed. Therefore no Mie-correction is necessary to get distribution values. An additional gravitational mode expands size range from below 10 nm up to 100 microns. 


X-ray centrifuge

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