Brookhaven Molecular Weight

BI-MwA Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering Detector

BI-MwAThe BI-MwA is a MALLS (Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering) detector for the determination of properties of macro molecules and polymers. Signals from seven angles between 35 and 145 degrees are collected to estimate Mw, Rg and A2 using the Zimm-Plot method. It can also be used as a light scattering detector in SEC/GPC integrated into a chromatography software. Features are: flow through operation with minimal required volumes; stabilized 35 mW laser, dual use as stand alone unit or inline chromatography detector. 

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BI-MwA-AS with analog Light Scattering Signal

BI-MwA-ASFully corresponds to the BI-MwA with only difference bing the additional analog signal from the 90 degree scattering detector. Signal range: 0 - 2,5 V. The system can be used either as peak signal monitor or as multi channel molecular weight detector for chromatography systems, or alternatively as stand alone system to determine Mw, Rg or A2

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BI-PDP90 Debye-Plot-Option

Debye Plot BI-PDP90 is an add on for the 90Plus Particle Sizer to determine molecular weight using the Debye Plot method. Scattering intensity is measured in dependence of the polymer concentrations. The set includes a 40 µL flow through cell for easy sample injection, a standard that can be diluted in various steps, the necessary software and accessories. 

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Static Light Scattering using the BI-200SM Goniometer

GoniometerThe Brookhaven 200SM Goniometer is a high precision tool for research and development for both static and dynamic light scattering. Measurement of static light scattering (SLS) yields valuable information about properties of particles and macro molecules, dynamic light scattering (DLS) about hydrodynamic size. The BI-200SM is assembled from modular components and thus can be tailored to individual needs from a selection of different lasers, optical components, detectors including cross correlation and other accessories. Including special scientific software package. 

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Differential Refractive Index Detector

BI-DNDCDetermination of the refractive index increment using the BI-DN/DC instrument may be performed in static or dynamic mode. The resulting value is required in light scattering detection for the calculation of polymer molecular weight values - especially in MALLS methods because the scattering intensity is dependent on the difference of refractive index between sample and solvent. Alternatively the system can be used as detector for HPLC or GPC/SEC chromatography. 

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