Brookhaven Chromatographie

GPC-SystemGPC/SEC Chromatography Systems

As an important supplier of light scattering detectors for GPC/SEC systems as well as excellent software for these systems Brookhaven now have extended their product range to include complete chromatography systems. The modular concept includes various expansion stages of systems integrating components generally used for GPC/SEC.

SLS DetectorBI-MwA

The BI-MwA laser light scattering detector is the ideal scattered light detector for molecular weight analysis. Absolute Mw values are calculated using light scattering information from seven angles and extrapolation to zero angle. The BI-MwA offers the best performance/price ratio of MALLS systems available. At the same time it serves as USB interface between the software and the GPC/SEC system.

DLS DetectorNanoDLS

In many chromatography application it is desirable to get the hydrodynamic diameter or radius of particles eluted from the column. The BI-NanoDLS is designed for dynamic light scattering size measurements in low rate flow environments. Can be used with included separate software parallel to existing system or with special chromatography software (such as the BI-ParSEC) handling digital size information.

RI Detectordndc_2011

A differential refractometer used to monitor the RI is the most common detector in GPC/SEC. Most compounds change the refractive index and due to the very low baseline noise the RI analyzer offers excellent sensitivity. The instrument comes in three light source versions (620, 535 or 470nm) selected to fit the other detector as in the case of the BI-MwA.

Dual-Detector RI + Viscosity RI-Visc

This specially designed System is a new development is not just a combination of two independent systems in one housing but a new design where the RI value is measured directly in the viscosity bridge. This ensures that both values are taken exactly from the same sample segment without any delay. The patented design offers a much higher sensitivity, almost no delay volume and excellent performance.

ParSEC GPC/SEC Software ParSEC GPC/SEC Software

The ParSEC software in its "Enhanced" version not only processes date from generally used concentration detectors but also has the ability to handle digitally delivered light scattering signals from SLS and DLS detectors. Together with the simple and intuitive handling and great database handling features this makes it the perfect software for polymer analysis.