Brookhaven Accessories


Sample cells and reference material for Brookhaven Systems

  • Reference materialReference Material
  • various cells
    Material: glass, quartz, poly styrol
    Shape: rectangular, round in various sizes
    Use: disposable, micro liter, flow through
  • adapter for various cell sizes
  • consumables, f. ex. index-matching liquid for the goniometer at high laser power
  • LC-ELEKcleaning kit for zeta potential electrodes
  • Latex reference material (PS Standard) for Particle Sizing, f. ex. 20 nm, 90 nm, 360 nm, 500 nm, 990 nm, usf.
  • TiO2 reference material (approx. 330 nm) for regular control of the BI-XDC (X-ray centrifuge)
  • ZRX reference material (approx. -50 mV) for the validation of the Zeta Potential Analysers BI-ZetaPlus and BI-ZetaPALS
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Cuvette types for Brookhaven 90Plus and ZetaPALS

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Cuvette types for Brookhaven Goniometer BI-200SM

Custom-made items and Options

  • 200SM Rotatorrotation unit for the Brookhaven 200SM Goniometer
  • filtration system to clean the Index-matching-Liquid in the Goniometer
  • Heating/Cooling baths for the sample temperature regulation
  • Cross-Correlation as an extension for the measurement of even the smallest nano particles

Maintenance kit for the Brookhaven Centrifuges

Maintenance KitIt is only possible to obtain accurate analysis results and high precision if analytical instruments operate smoothly. The Brookhaven centrifugal particle sizing analyzers hardly need maintenance, however, we offer the maintenance kit as many customers want to service their own instruments on a professional and regular basis in order to ensure long lasting sable performance.

Compact Diode laser

Mini-L30The Mini-L30 is a small, stand-alone, red laser diode assembly with superb temperature and power stabilization. With nominal 35 mW power at a wavelength of 637.6 nm, it is an ideal replacement for the traditional 35 mW, HeNe laser (632.8 nm) when space is at a premium.


Mini-L30 brochure (191 Kb)