Brookhaven Particle Characterisation

- the leading systems for particle characterisation from suspensions within the range of 1 nm to approx. 100 µm - different techniques fro research, teaching and quality control:


Brookhaven Overview (292 Kb)


Particle Size

possible to measure particles from below 1 nm to approx. 100 µm with different measurement techniques:XDC

  • Sedimentation and centrifugal sedimentation in centrifuges 
  • dynamic light scattering in laboratory systems
  • scientific Goniometer with cross correlation for research applications
Particle Size




Zeta Potential

Measurement of the mobility according to the Laser-Doppler frequency shift or the PALS method (full phase analysis) with non-polar or high ionic strength liquids; electrode design with linear electrical field to avoid electroosmotic streaming. 

Zeta Potential


Molecuar Weight


Multi angle detector for the use within laboratories where molecuar weight, the radius of gyration and the second virial coefficient are determined according to the Zimm Plot method. Another field of application is the use as a multi angle light scattering detector for GPC/SEC. In connection with Windows-Software the detector is usable as USB-interface for other modules such as concentration detectors and the injector.

Molecular Weight



PLEX cuvette

Besides different electrode types for aqueous or organic solvent suspensions, disposable cells are offered that help avoiding cross contaminations. Additionally there are special micro-cells with a very low filling level of 300 µL to be used for measurements whenever research materials are scarce.