AVANTES Miniature Spectrometer

Avantes offers reasonably priced miniature spectrometer systems for the analysis within the UV-, VIS-, and NIR-region consisting of...


AvaLIBS - Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy System

AvaLibsAvantes' new and improved AvaLIBS system is transportable and consits of a portable laser and external power supply together with a Pelicase unit in which the main consol is located. The analytical software assists with the identification of atoms, molecules and their ions using the included database. 

AvaLIBS kkk(60 Kb)



Due to the modular assembly of the system the spectrometer can be set up - according to your application with different - AvaSpec
  • detectors (CMOS or CCD)
  • grating (300 to 3600 lines/mm) and
  • resolution (from 0,025 nm)
Available are systems with 102, 256, 1024, 2048 and 3648 pixels.



All Avantes products are operated through AvaSoft which is available in different packages: 
  • Avantes SoftwareAvaSoft-Basic – for basic data collection, graphical illustration and data storage in the transmission-, absorption- and irradiance mode.
  • AvaSoft-Full – adding to the basic versions there are many options offered: eg. History Channel Function, automatic calibration, external triggering, etc...
  • AvaSoft-Add-On’s – in combination with AvaSoft-Full you can get specific tools for colour measurement, chemometrics, process control and an Excel exporting option.


Light Sources

Avantes LichtquellenLight sources are used whenever transmission absorption and reflection needs to be measured. According to application and desired wavelength various light sources can be employed. Depending on the parameters there are Xenon, LED, Halogen and/or Deuterium lights that could be advisable. 



AvantesThe use of fiber optics as light guidance allows a great modularity and flexibility in the setup of an optical measurement system. LaborChemie sells fibers for the UV-, VIS-, and NIR-region from 8 to 800 µm. Every Avantes fiber does have a numerical aperture of 0.22.

Fiber Optics



Through an SMA 905 connector various accessories can be attached to the system:

  • cell holders

  • integrating sphere
  • filters and TTL shutter
  • optical table
  • collimating lense, cosine-corrector